I am your tomorrow but you don't know me.
How could you, you have not even seen me?

I am not your yesterday, which you have already lived.
I am your tomorrow which you are going to live next,

Which you are awaiting eagerly with hope.
But it is surprising that I being the tomorrow of your dreams,
Of your imagination, your craving, your desire,
Of your expectations, your hopes and prayers,
Yet you don't know me.

I am the painting, you are the artist,
I am the music you are the musician,
I am the statue, you are the sculptor.
Perceive me, try to know me and recognize me.

I will not ask you to forget your yesterday.
That would be neither proper nor possible.
After all your yesterday is the foundation.
You have to put today's bricks on it to shape tomorrow.

You have the capability and expertise to build me.
Make me what you like, I am your tomorrow.

Conceive me and give me the form of your choice.
Thereafter make it happen with your toil, wisdom and grit.
Then it will be easy for you to know me, recognize me.

I am your tomorrow, your own tomorrow.
To live me is your destiny, your fate.
To give me a shape is your right, your responsibility.