The most corrupt talk passionately about honesty and those who live by falsehood swear by truthfulness, but those who endeavour to live life being truthful and honest do not give sermons on the virtues of honesty and truthfulness. The self proclaimed custodians of religion who delight in functioning as moral police and conscious keepers of their religious community have the kind of indulgences that even a highly depraved person would shudder to think of. No religion professes the need for custodians for its survival because then it would be void of any content and therefore any message to the humanity. The self assumed custodians of religions need to understand that any religious doctrine/philosophy comprises only broad guidelines insofar as human conduct in a given society is concerned and therefore no religion can come in the way of (or impede) evolution of human societies as they have evolved from, say, Stone Age to contemporary technology driven world.

Mother of many Religions

Indian sub continent is birth place of many religions that all have World View different from one another and they branched out - based on differences in philosophical interpretation of the very basis of the Universe and its relationship with Man - to be recognized as sects of the mother religion, but all this did not impede the evolution of Indian society from Stone Age to Copper Age to Bronze Age to Iron Age as also progressing from being a pastoral society to an agricultural one. The fact of the evolution of human civilization based upon ever increasing understanding of the relationship between Mother Nature and Homo sapiens alongside of the birth of religious philosophies at different points of time is proof enough that religions don’t dictate evolution of human mind which in turn causes evolution of civilizations. That which is stagnant is dead and the one that’s ever flowing is live and any attempt to impede progression and thrust regression is a sure prescription for creating such a turbulence in a society that  may lead it to a chaotic state and in total disarray.

To be Regressive is to oppose onward flow of Time

The Indian society has undergone tremendous transformation in that whatever is available in the secular/material world is accessible to all irrespective of cast, creed, colour and gender. No discrimination is made on the basis of one’s birth and gender. Since forty to fifty years, in independent India, the females have progressively increased their participation in activities/responsibilities in the secular world and this development is responsible for dismantling the psychological barrier between males and females as between boys and girls and that’s a very healthy sign.

The mental faculties of males and females that make them inquisitive and therefore motivate them to acquire knowledge about the dynamics of Mother Nature and the Laws of Nature are not subject to any religious affiliation. The urge to know and to contribute in finding solutions for day to day problems as may arise in a society are not subservient to any religion. The flight of a mind is under no external control and to enforce restrictions, in the name of religion, on males and/or females is to deny them their innate dormant talent that the Creator infused them with. To deny freedom to contribute towards growth of society/Nation, as per one’s mental and physical capabilities, is to oppose onward flow of Time and that causes turbulence in a society.

No reason why Men should dominate over Women

Coexistence is the fundamental law of Mother Nature and all animate and inanimate beings are subservient to the Laws of Prakruti. No science, technology and/or religion can dictate to Mother Nature. The fact that the Nature is referred to as Mother and not Father is because she creates from within all such resources that the mankind has been exploiting since the birth of Homo sapiens. The reproductive power of the Mother Nature encompasses male within her and therefore male is not an independent entity. Those huge forests, the life sustaining rivers and mountains are not creation of any Man, but self creation of Prakruti; like Mother Mary and Ma Kunti are regarded as embodiment (personification) of Mother Nature.

Similarly, Man who is born from the womb of a woman cannot claim to have an independent identity and that too superior to that of a woman; nobody can claim to be bigger than the one who nurtures; like no plant, tree, vegetables, fruits etc. can claim to being superior than Prakruti because they are her products and in the end merge in to her.

History of evolution of human mind is the witness to the fact how women have excelled men in human endeavours. The 20th century example is Madam Curie who discovered elements Polonium and radium, using techniques she invented for isolating radioactive isotopes; the Rani of Jhansi set an example of valour in fighting the British and Rajtarangani documents Queens who ruled Kashmir and were possessed with multidimensional capabilities. Lalleshwari and Mirabhai are other historical personalities who are known to be directly in communion with the Ishwar. The list is long enough, only if one digs in to history.

What defines Uncivilized Society?

The one that blocks and/or deprives people of availing opportunities in their endeavour to contribute towards the growth and development of their people is an uncivilized society. In a civilized society various avenues are made available for people with different level of capabilities to exploit in a way that facilitates their respective contributions and there can be no discrimination based on caste, creed, gender, race and colour. It is a known fact that across board in all the countries in the Globe and all the religions respective countries followed, the womenfolk were oppressed and an exploited lot even while they may have been great entrepreneurs/ administrators of their times because Men framed rules of conduct for them that never was their business. It was only the womenfolk who were to be measured by the yardstick of morality and good ethics as outlined by men. This relationship between man and woman that relegated woman to a status of slave who could be traded, abused and sold as a commodity in the open market defined an uncivilized society even while their Nation may have been an economic super power in that era.

Birth place and religion don’t define a person

Those who want to boss over women in the name of religion, morality and ethics should know that grey matter in the skull, nature and character of a person and an individual’s internal world is not dictated by any religion, rules of morality and ethics; while religion of an individual is by accident of birth; the grey matter, ethics, morality and internal world of an individual are not due to accident of birth. Many instances can be cited where the progenies of such people who created history and left a mark in the plane of human endeavours passed in to the Eternity without leaving any foot prints while on the other hand those born in poorest of poor families created history and left indelible foot prints on the canvass of human endeavours irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, race and gender.

Let regressive forces not take charge

If societies have to progress materially, mentally, physically and spiritually we all need to guard against such regressive forces who take upon themselves to be the conscious and moral keepers of their society. Life is nothing but evolution and at every stage of its evolution it defines new rules, ethics and morality. Anyone opposing the change is inviting stagnancy and hence death.