The Kashmiri Pandits have a rich legacy of local rituals, including Kaw Punim, an indigenous festival celebrated by them. It falls on Magh Shuklapaksh Purnamashi and marks the birthday of King Kak Bushandi of the Crows. According to ancient belief, Kak Bushandi had his place on a mountain in South Kashmir. In Hindu mythology, the crow is considered to be the mount of Lord Shani.

Additionally, according to Hindu scriptures, the crow is believed to have a connection with the souls of the departed. As a result, it is widely believed that offering food to crows will reach the souls of our ancestors. On this auspicious day of Kaw Punim, Teher (yellow rice) is cooked and offered to Kak Bushandi on a triangular-shaped grass woven plate, accompanied by a local folk recitation.

Kaw Punim Poshte!